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About Us

Pediment Publishing is a book publisher specializing in pictorial history books, sports books, disaster books, high-end cookbooks, corporate histories, police and fire department histories, family histories and limited edition commemorative books. Pediment Publishing books are hard-bound keepsake books custom-tailored to preserve your heritage with acid-free pages and smythe-sewn bindings that will hold up to years of use. Each book we produce is created with the highest standards of photo reproduction, editorial and design excellence and quality craftsmanship.

In the book publishing business, there’s no substitute for experience. At Pediment Publishing we have more than 80 years combined experience in the publishing industry. Brad Fenison, owner and president of the company, has a background in newspapers. After 13 years as a newspaper publisher, he started this company with the idea of combining the promotional strength of newspapers, the knowledge and photo archives of local historical societies, on-site scanning, superior photo reproduction, design excellence and extraordinary customer service and support, the result would be a superior product, well-received by its readers. The idea has worked. In the past fifteen years Pediment has designed and published more than 600 book titles totaling more than 1,300,000 copies.

Our mission is to consistently deliver a product of impeccable quality while adhering to the highest standard of customer support and service.